The CTP Curriculum requires the completion of a thirty (30) work-day Industrial Training during the summer following the successful end of first year studies. Industrial Training is an important part of CTP Curriculum with the following objectives:

  1. to take part in the business world and understand the requirements,
  2. to apply the knowledge and experience gained during the first year to a real life problem,
  3. to obtain a general view of the industry needs and pinpoint some objectives in order to be able to spend the second year of education more effectively,
  4. to have an opportunity to deal with the second year topics, hence having a background experience before taking these courses,
  5. to learn about or experiment with various software/hardware, especially those which are not present in the curriculum.

Requirements for Applying

Students with the following qualifications may apply for Industrial Training:

  1. Students who do not have an F Grade from the courses CTP101 and CTP105.
  2. Students who are not repeating the courses CTP101 and CTP105.
  3. Students who have taken the courses CTP102, CTP108 and have recieved a successful grade at the end of the semester.


  1. Students have to choose an organization. (CTP Department and Career Development Center will help those students who can not find an appropriate place for Industrial Training.)

  2. Students apply to the organization with the IT Information Form they will obtain from the CTP Department secretary.

  3. If the application of the student is accepted by the organization, the organization should complete the IT Information Form, including the following information, and send it to the CTP Department:

    * Beginning and end dates of the training,

    * Name of the person who will be responsible for the student during the training period,

    * Name of the person responsible from the organization (General Manager etc.),

    * Description of the work to be performed by the student.

  4. Student will be given the 'Industrial Training File' by the department if the application is found to be suitable. If the organization or the work to be performed is not approved, the student has to find another organization.

Industrial Training File

The 'Industrial Training File' must be filled regularly by the student during the training period. The student evaluation page must be completed by the trainee supervisor and must be returned to the Department in a sealed envelope. 'The Industrial Training File' must be submitted in to the department before the end of add/drop period of that academic year.

Industrial Training Regulations

  1. The Period of industrial training is thirty (30) work days.

  2. Industrial training should be completed in the same organization without any break. In special cases,where a break is required, the student must inform the department immediately.

  3. Training must start on the date indicated by the organization.

  4. Students who have not completed training at the end of the first year (with acceptable reasons) and wish to complete industrial training after their second year must apply in writing to the Department Chairperson and get permission. However, these students must remember that they will graduate after completion of the training.

  5. An Industrial Training File must be submitted to the Department by the student at the end of his/her industrial training period. Evaluation of the industrial training will be made by the student's advisor based on the industrial training file and checks for attendance made during the summer. The advisor's evaluation has to be approved by the Industrial Training Committee, which will arrange an interview with each student during the following fall semester, in order for the student to obtain a 'Satisfactory' grade for his/her industrial training. Students whose industrial training are found unsatisfactory have to repeat their industrial training.

  6. Students are unable to complete their industrial training successfully at the end of the first year cannot attend the graduation ceremony of the next year, even if they have completed all CTP courses except for CTP 200.

  7. Industrial training will be rejected under the following conditions:

    • not starting the training at the indicated date without informing the department,

    • not being present at the location (without acceptable reasons) during the checks for attendance,

    • not submitting the 'Industrial Training File' on time,

    • submitting an incomplete or unconfirmed file,

    • the work performed by the student during the training is found insufficient,

    • the organization does not send the Evaluation Form,

    • the organization finds the trainee unsuccessful,

    • the student has not complied with the rules and regulations of the organization.