CTP208 - Programming for the Internet
2012 - 2013 Fall

Department of Computer Technology and Programming
(Last updated: 27/01/2010)   (CWPS ver: 2.0.2)
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Instructors: Halil Özmen
E-mail: halil@ctp.bilkent.edu.tr
Lecture: Tue. 10:40 - 12:30 GZ-55, Thu. 10:40 - 12:30 Lab-4
Lab: Thu. 10:40 - 12:30 Lab-4
Grading:     Grades
    Quizzes:   10%
    Lab:   10%
    Midterm 1:   35%
    Final:   45%


Attendance: Attendance is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT and full attendance is VERY STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.
Textbooks and Other Materials:
  • Required: "CTP208 Programming For The Internet Lecture Notes", Halil Özmen, 2004
  • Recommended: "PHP and MySQL Web Development", Luke Welling, Laura Thomson, 2003, ISBN: 0-672-32525-X
  • Recommended: "Create Dynamic Web Pages Using PHP and MySQL", David Tansley, 2002, ISBN: 0-201-73402-8
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    Lecture Examples, Lecture Notes and Useful Documents:
  • Cascading Style Sheet specifications           (Updated: 10/01/2007 14:14)
  • JavaScript Examples           (Updated: 10/05/2006 15:17)
    Useful Links:
  • W3Schools - Full Web Building Tutorials   Very nice and complete set of tutorials
  • Web Developers Notes   A nice site to learn from the very basics to advanced web development subjects. Especially read the "Basics" section. "Tutorials" are also useful.
  • A summary of HTML 4.0 Tags   (in text format)
  • HTML 4.0 Tags   (in html format)
  • HTML 4.01 Specification   (very useful and complete)
  • Colors in HTML  
  • ColorCalc   (HTML Color Calculator)
  • Regular Expression Evaluator   Check regular expressions by running preg_match and preg_replace functions.
  • Cascading Style Sheets Tutorial  
  • PHP Manual   (Gunes - CTP208)
  • PHP Manual and Reference Site   (Excellent)
  • MySQL 4.1 Reference Manual   (Official site)
  • MySQL Reference Manual   (Gunes)
  • JavaScript Guide  
  • Core JavaScript Guide   (Gunes)
  • Client-Side JavaScript Reference  
  • JavaScript Tutorial  
  • JavaScript Tutorial for Programmers  
  • DOM Reference   (on Gunes)
  • The CareWare Idea  
  • Mor Yazılım: XML Development Tools   Very powerful and useful tools. Download "MoreMotion Application Studio 4".
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