Department of Computer Technology and Programming
 CTP210 Term Project

Project Name

Brief Description

Survey Topic



Smart Assistant

An application that helps a person with the calender, organizer, reminder, time converter and alarm clock functions. The program must be able to be used by more than one user and there must be several options for different users to modify the program on their own style.


Software Personalization

Visual Basic, Access

Selin Baykal


A word game at which the computer keeps a word and the user tries to find that word within a limited number of guesses. The number of guesses are controlled by using a man to be hanged in several steps. User should be able to choose to the category of the question (word) to be asked.

GUI Design Tools


Selin Baykal

Zip/Unzip Utility

A GUI based utility for compressing and uncompressing multiple files.

Zip/Unzip algorithms


Okyay Say

Liquid Identification System

An intelligent identification system software that identifies a liquid which is in a special cup by using sensors. (for example, software decides whether it is coffee or tea or something else in the cup.)

Port Programming in Visual Basic

Visual Basic

Okyay Say

Battleship game

Design and implementation of a battleship game that will be played between the user and the computer. The computer is expected to play intelligently.

How to make computers play games.

Java, Visual C++.

Faruk Gologlu


The system developed will be able to:

         Register students to courses every semester.

         Perform end of semester calculations

         Make number of student estimations for each course before the registration

         Prepare various kinds of reports related with students and courses.

Oracle and its usage in the business world

Oracle 8i and Oracle Forms&Reports 6i.

Fusun Yuruten