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 CTP210 Term Project

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CTP Vortal

In this project, the students are going to discover the php and the Vortal concepts and then they are going to prepare an Unofficial CTP Homepage with their experiences. The vortal should contain - at least - the basic vortal items such as discussion forums, search engines, latest news about the department etc.

Vortals & “php as a solution provider”



Stock Module

In this project the students are going to discover Lotus Notes / Domino Designer and then develop a stock module with their experience. The module should contain some sub-modules inside it. For example, there should be a customer's sub-module that the user can add a new customer (if the customer does not exists) who he/she is going to sell the product. Similarly, there should be the products and the stock following sub-modules in the project.

Lotus Notes & Domino Designer

Lotus /Domino Designer


Algorith visualitation -- QuickSort

An animation applet that shows (visualizes) the steps of the Quicksort algorithm. Program should apply the algorithm and demonstrate each step by means of a GUI.

"Algorithm Visualization: State of Art." & Quicksort



Algorith visualitation -- BinarySearch

An animation applet that shows (visualizes) the steps of the Binary Search algorithm. Program should apply the algorithm and demonstrate each step by means of a GUI.

"Algorithm Visualization: State of Art." & Binary Search




Internet and network based personal communication application that will help users to chat with each other by  means of TCP/IP protocol. In this application, there will be server and client programs as well. Both server and client programs will be implemented. Server program will take all messages from the clients and send the message to all the clients back. The server acts like a distrubuter. On the other hand, clients will interact with the server. They will send messages to the server and print the messages to the server and the print the messages coming from server on the screen. The associated user name will be appended to the messages.

How to talk to online users by means of Visual C

C, Visual C


Grade Entry System

The web based system will enable the instructors to enter (or modify) grades of the students for the assessments of the courses they teach.

The instructors will also be able to see all grades for all assessment methods for a course.

The advisors' and the student's access is outside the scope of this project.

“Web Software Development using PHP and MYSQL”

PHP, MySQL, Web Browser, HTML editor


Financial Investments Tracking Tool

An application that will track all the financial investments of a person, make cost-benefit analysis, compare the benefits of other possible investments with the one chosen, and give basic investment advice. The user will be able to:

a. define different investment kinds (foreign currency, stock, bonds, etc.),

b. enter and update h(is/er) investments through defined kinds,

c. let the program calculate real profit (inflation deducted),

d. let the program calculate the profit if other means of investment had been chosen,

The tool should allow multiple users to track their own investments. Each

user's data should be private, but common data such as currency exchange

rates, stock prices should be entered by an administrator and be shared.

Financial Computing




Develop an Employee Scheduling and Payroll System. Users of the system include staff and management. The system should be able to:

·          schedule employees,

·          calculate pay based on a number of factors (hours worked, position etc),

·          calculate payroll related statistics,

·           should have security controls that restrict users to authorized functions, 

·         and should produce a number of forms and reports.

The design and use of customized database systems.

Access, Visual Basic


Time Manager

The project group will design and develop a computerized time manager to manage and plan one's time. It will include facilities such as a scheduler, a phonebook, and to-do lists.

How to send an e-mail from Visual Basic.

Visual Basic, Access

Okyay SAY