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 CTP210 Term Project

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Resource Scheduling and Allocation System

CTP Department prepares schedules for the courses, instructors, class-rooms and labs. Allocation of resources currently requireredundant data entry for sections, instructors, class-rooms and labs. The system will distribute the allocation to various resources. E.g. when a course-section lecture/lab is allocated to a time slot for a classroom/lab, the schedules of the instructor and the classroom/lab will be automatically updated, and any conflict will be signalled.

A web research of similar Course Scheduling systems used in universities in Turkey or abroad.

Visual Basic, MS Access

Halil Özmen


Course Load Determination System

This rule based (or expert) system will keep the courses and letter grades taken by students during the previous semesters, and it will determine which courses should be taken by the student in the next semester. It will take care of the rules and prerequisite chains.

Research on "rule-based" or "expert" systems.

Visual Basic, MS Access

Halil Özmen


Alumni Information System

The web based system will maintain a databse of graduates. The users will be able to add, list, search and edit records through a web based user interface. A predefined set of frequently used queries like "list of graduates living in Istanbul " should also be implemented as menu options.

A web research of similar Alumni Information systems used in universities in Turkey or abroad.

MySQL, PHP or Perl

Can Uğur Ayfer

First Clicks

A multimedia program that will help pre-school age children acquire reading skills (literacy). The program will lead the child through a card game of matching familiar objects to their written forms.

Educational design principles in developing children's software


Okyay Say

First Quiz

A multimedia program that will help pre-school age children acquire reading skills (literacy). The program will involve a quiz where correct answers will lead to positive feedback and written/read forms of the word involved, in syllables.

Computer Aided Language Learning (CALL)


Okyay Say

Parking Lot

A program to be used for a parking lot. The money to be paid by the customer will be calculated depending on certain criteria such as the type of the vehicle, the duration it stayed in the lot, etc. and the bill will be printed. The program will also direct the customer to an empty lot, so that the place of each vehicle will be known.

Computer Animation Tools

C or C++


Secret Messaging

Students are to design and implement an application that permits two clients to communicate by means of ciphered messaging over an (insecure) network. Security is to be preserved by using selected algorithms for encryption and decryption.

Network security and basic cryptology

Java preferred (other tools possible)

Faruk Göloğlu

Online Tix

Online Event Ticket Reservation and Purchasing System

This online system will allow customers to search and purchase tickets for events (such as theatre, concerts, sporting events) happening in venues around Turkey. Customers will be able to view events based on venue (location), date and type, check seating availability, and purchase tickets from anywhere in the world.

E-commerce and data security.


Lori Russell Dağ


Hospital Automation System

An application to be used in hospitals for the automation of resources like personnel, patients and allocation of hospital beds and operation rooms. HAS should be able to make reservations for the resources considering the type of surgery, length of operation, availability of hospital beds etc. Daily, weekly, monthly reports for the allocation of surgeons, beds and operation rooms should be created to reflect how efficiently the hospital resources are allocated.

Design of hospital database system

Visual Basic, Microsoft Access

Murat Özsoy


e-Shopping System

A web-based shopping cart system with bought item lists and checkout procedure. Users will be able to see items and quantities in stock.

e-Commerce and Shooping Cart System


Nermin Fenmen