Department of Computer Technology and Programming
 CTP210 Term Project

Project Name Brief Description Tools Supervisor
WEXAM Web Based Examination System. The system will enable the students to do the examinations on-line using a web browser. The instructor will enter examination questions to the system. And then using a web browser, the students will get the questions and enter their answers. The instructor will be able to ask various types of questions, such as (a) Text answered, (b) Multiple choice, (c) Fill in the blanks. The instructor will view the answers and give grades. The system will be able to mark the multiple choice questions automatically. PHP and MySQL Halil ÖZMEN
IT Follow-up Industrial Training Follow-up System. By using this web based program, the advisor should be able to follow up the Industrial Training of their advisees. Data about students, companies, advisers, dates of IT period should be stored in a database. On randomly selected dates during the first, third, fifth and the sixth weeks of the training, the program should alert the advisor about calling the student and display the student and company info. The advisor should be able to store the result of the call at the database. The program may have an automatic mailing feature between the adviser (supervisor) and the company for inquiries about training place and for the other routine correspondance. PHP, MySQL, Web Browser, HTML editor Murat Özsoy
VDT Virtual Department Tour. This project is going to be a guideline to people who is curious about the new building of VSCTOM. All the rooms of CTP department (teacher rooms, classrooms, labs etc.) is going to be visualized virtually and in detail by using OpenGL ( an industry that is standard, stable, reliable and portable, evolving, scalable, easy to use and well-documented API.) OpenGL Tolga Baycan
PEP Preschool education package. A preschool computer based 'English' basic sentence structure teaching software is to be developed. The basic notions of time of day, relations of objects, and number concept are expected to be covered. The software is expected to process graphics and text , including simple animations. Visual Basic Dr. Hülya Yavuz
LIS Library Information System. A program to be used for the library of a company. The system should be able to do all the necessary operations done in such a library, such as keeping the information about the books, lending books to the employee, etc. Visual Basic

MS Access

TRAFO Traffic Forum. This will be a web - based forum. The user will enter his complaints and suggestions for the traffic system at Bilkent. The messages will be threaded according to topic. PHP, MySQL Nermin Fenmen