Department of Computer Technology and Programming
CTP210 Term Project
Fall 2006-2007

Team Name and Team Members Project Name and Brief Description Supervisor
Emre Akyol
Cenk Tolga Gümüş
Hakan Kurtuluş
  Industrial Training
This project is aiming for a web-based industrial training system for keeping the information of the companies where the students perform their industrial training. The advisors will also follow the information of the students' activities. Reports related with the companies, students will be obtained.
Füsun Yürüten
Ilgaz Aydın
Semih Kazazoğlu
Yunus Emre Önder
The aim of the project is to enable the users to create a survey by creating his/her own page design and question types (Multiple choice, T/F, Checkbox, Text area) and upload it to a server. The link of the web page will be emailed to the people who will enter the survey by the operator. The users will sign up and obtain a user name and password. Then, they will be able to enter the surveys. The operator will be able to see the outputs of the survey and view a detailed report.
Füsun Yürüten