Department of Computer Technology and Programming
CTP210 Term Project
Spring 2006-2007

Team Name and Team Members Project Name and Brief Description Supervisor
Tuğba Ağcaoğlu
Hacer Çondur
Kezban Gürcan
Hülya Maranezli
  Course-Content Management System
CCMS will be a web-base system that will be used by educators and students. The educators will enter course outline and content. The students will be able to read the course contents. An admin user will be responsible for defining the courses and the users (educators and students). The contents may contain pictures.
Halil Özmen
Ahmet Göknar
T. Eralp Kavacıklı
T. Yasemin Tatlıbal
  Geography Education System
GES will be a web-based system that will teach students the capital cities of the countries all over the world and the continents in which the countries reside. The project may be expanded to cover the neighbouring countries of the city searched. The map of the country to be taught and its flag may be viewed at the end of the search operation.
Hülya Yavuz
Ayşegül Ayhan
Can Koçoğlu
Y. Cansın Hekimci
  Compete Skills
Placing the right employees in the right positions at the right time increases their productivity. In this competition of skills, Compete_skills project will help staff of Kayiyem (or similar organizations) for finding the correct person by the required skills of a joc opportunity. Compete-skills will be a web-based system where students enter their skills and contact information through a web form. These data will be stored and Kayiyem staff will be able to make a sophisticated search by choosing criteria. As an outcome they will get a list of students whose skills match with those criteria. System administrator user will be responsible fır adding the users and required definitions.
Can Kültür