Courses in the Course Web Pages System

Dept. Course Course Name
CTECTE100 Transferable Skills
CTE101 Introduction to Programming I
CTE102 Introduction to Programming II
CTE103 Information Technologies in Education I
CTE104 Information Technologies in Education II
CTE105 Discrete Mathematics
CTE111 Introduction to Programming I
CTE112 Introduction to Programming II
CTE113 Information Technologies in Education I
CTE114 Information Technologies in Education II
CTE115 Discrete Mathematics
CTE191 Information and Communications Technology
CTE201 Programming Languages I
CTE202 Programming Languages II
CTE203 Data Structures
CTE204 Introduction to Database Management Systems
CTE205 Computer Organization
CTE206 Problem Solving Tools
CTE208 System Analysis and Design
CTE209 Communication Skills
CTE211 Programming Languages I
CTE212 Programming Languages II
CTE214 Operating Systems
CTE216 Introduction to Web Technologies
CTE218 Operating Systems
CTE252 Instructional Design
CTE301 Programming for the Internet
CTE302 Internet Applications in Education
CTE303 Operating Systems
CTE304 Database Management Systems
CTE305 Systems Analysis and Design
CTE306 Human-Computer Interaction
CTE307 Network Structures and Communication
CTE308 Information Ethics and Security
CTE309 Community Service
CTE310 Term Project
CTE311 Database Management Systems
CTE314 Communication Skills
CTE316 Network Structures and Communication
CTE317 Programming for the Internet I
CTE321 Human Computer Interaction
CTE322 Multimedia Design and Development
CTE351 Material Design and Development in Education
CTE401 Multimedia Techniques
CTE403 Research Methods in Education
CTE405 Information Ethics and Security
CTE407 Network Structures and Communication
CTE409 Programming for Education
CTE410 Community Service
CTE417 Programming for the Internet II
CTE421 Project Management and Development I
CTE422 Project Management and Development II
CTE504 Material Design and Development
CTISCTIS153 Discrete Mathematics I
CTIS155 Information Technologies I
CTPCTP100 Transferable Skills
CTP101 Introduction to Programming
CTP102 Elementary Data Structures
CTP105 Programming Environment
CTP106 Business Applications
CTP107 Discrete Mathematics
CTP108 Computer Programming for Business
CTP118 Computer Organization
CTP127 Mathematics I
CTP128 Mathematics II
CTP191 Introduction to Computers
CTP192 Introduction to Computer Applications
CTP193 Computer Applications
CTP200 Industrial Training
CTP201 Object Oriented Programming I
CTP202 Object Oriented Programming II
CTP203 Operating Systems
CTP204 Networking Principles and Applications
CTP205 File Systems
CTP206 Database Management Systems
CTP207 Computer Architecture
CTP208 Programming for the Internet
CTP209 Systems Development
CTP210 Term Project
CTP225 Introduction to DBMS
CTP227 User Interface Design and Development
CTP291 Computer Applications for Business I
CTP292 Computer Applications for Business II