Hülya Yavuz

Departmant of Computer Technology and Programing

Adress: Vocational School of Computer Technology and Office Manegement

Department of Computer Technology and Programming 06533 Bilkent, Ankara - Turkey

Phone : (90) (312) 2905125 Fax : : (90)(312) 2664610

e-mail : yavuz@ctp.bilkent.edu.tr

Ph.D. Educational Sciences, Middle East Technical University, 1991.

M.Sc. Science Education, Middle East Technical University, 1986.

B.Sc. Mathematics Education, Middle East Technical University, 1982.

Computer Aided Education, Mathematics Education, Prog ramming Languages, Mathematical Applications.

Mathematics I (CTP 127)


Course Code and Optic Code

CTP 127 (51 127)
Course Name Mathematics I

Asst. Prof. Dr. Hülya Yavuz

Office: ROOM #C117

Assistant Lale Duman
Course Description

Elements of logic, set theory and operations on sets; Demorgan's rules, finite and infinite. Relations and functions. Logic circuits. Induction and recursion, pigeonhole principle. Percentages. Number theory; primes, factorization, divisibility. Definitions, operations and properties of Boolean algebra.

Credit: 4 credits

Lecture Hours: 4 hours in a week

  1. To understand the operations on sets and their properties
  2. To apply the operations and principles on sets in solving problems.
  3. To understand relations, their properties, equivalence and order relation.
  4. To understand basic notions of function, specially types of function and their properties
  5. to use relation, function and their properties in solving problems
  6. To understand the fundamental concepts of logic
  7. To understand the principles of mathematical induction, recursion and pegionhole algebra
  8. To understand the usage of different number systems
  9. To understand the use of switching circuits and Boolean Algebra
  10. To obtain Karnaugh maps from logical function and vise versa
  1. There will be two midterms (each 25%)
  2. There will be two quizzes (each 5%)
  3. A final (40%)
  4. Attendance is obligatory
Text Book
  1. Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics, R. P. Grimaldi, Addison Wesley Longman Inc.
  2. Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science J. L. Mott, A. Kandel & T. P. Baker, Prentice-Hall Englewood Criffs
  3. Discrete Mathematics, Richard Johnsonbaugh, Macmillan Publishing Co.
Reference Books
  1. Discrete Mathematics, Melvin Hausner, Saunder Collage Publishing.
  2. Discrete Mathematical Structures for Computer Science, Bernard Kolman, Robert C. Busby, Prentice-Hall Int.
  3. A First Course in Discrete Mathematics, J. Molluzzo, F. Buckley, PWS Publishhers.

Midterm I

Midterm I I 25%
Quiz I 5%
Quiz II 5%
Final Examination 40%